Sunday, 21 September 2008

Long Time No Post...

Well I've been on the micro-stakes roller-coaster.

Finally ground my way up to the holy grail of $20, then dropped back down to $10 on a combination of 2 cent/5 cent, tilt and red wine.

So back to square one.

Haven't been inspired with the westerns recently, but I picked up KenzerCo's Aces and Eights pen and paper RPG the other day so maybe something on that soon.

However I have been playing with poetry and churned out this recently:-

My King in Yellow Betting Slips

I tore up my old god for he never brought me luck
and then threw him in an ashtray with old pools coupons,
scratched cards, lottery tickets and all that loosing muck.
So then I made a new one
To bring me luck today.

His eyes were pocket aces that never fell to trips
Skip-Hopping on rabbits feet, shod with lucky horse shoes,
Garbed in the bright raiment of a million betting slips.
But he didn’t bring me luck
So I threw him away.

I summoned a goddess, her goal, my bank-roll to save,
I grew her from a clover, my little lady luck,
She raised her voice and called ‘Fortune favours the brave!’
But she didn’t bring me luck
So I threw her away .

‘Now Mister Frisk! Now Gay Trip! Now Rag Trade and Workman!’
This god’s carriage was only pulled by royal winners,
‘On Royal Tan! On Early Mist! Red Rum and Seagram!’
But he didn’t bring me luck
So I threw him away.

So I studied various books, message boards and such
by pros like Brunson and Sklansky, Vorhaus and Hellmuth,
And so I learnt to play Poker
And I didn’t need my luck
So I threw it away.

Jacob Z. Clinton