Friday, 30 May 2008

In The Beginning....

In the beginning were a few words about myself and this blog. 

I'll start with a warning that I aim to be a poker blogger, who reviews Western media (Western as in Clint Eastwood, Cowboys etc. not Western as in Great Satan scourge of the arabic peoples) and maybe some Ulysses 31 as well.

At the moment I have the grand sum of $10 in my Pokerstars account. (Tendency to tilt from a couple of bad beats and buying into tournaments at too high a level chipped away most of my starting deposit) So expect some mammoth life or death, mortgage or homelessness, bank-busting hand reports. :) 

I'm sticking to micro stakes Omaha H/L at the moment. I refuse to simply reload my account. This is my personal challenge: 

-Take that $10 and run it as far as I can. 
-I can only move up to the next level when I have twice the maximum buy in.
-I can only buy into a tournament or S+G for, maximum, a hundredth of my bank roll.

I understand that these rules are much more lax than say Chris Ferguson's challenge but I'm not a world class poker pro. I'm probably not even the best in a 2 mile radius of my home but this is my goal and I'm sticking to it and just hoping I don't immediately wipe myself out in the 1 cent/2 cent games. :(

I'm also a massive David Bowie fan.